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The Heart of PIO

Transforming Parenting Beyond Barriers

Parenting Inside Out (PIO) understands and addresses the profound challenges that incarcerated parents face. This program brings a ray of hope and practical solutions to parents in the criminal legal system, supporting them in navigating the unique barriers presented by systems involvement. Through an evidence-based, cognitive-behavioral approach, PIO’s compassionate coaches lead parents in a classroom setting to help strengthen and transform relationships with their children, parents, and families.

  • Strengthen parenting skills
  • Nurture emotional connections
  • Forge new pathways to familial healing and resilience


Reduction in post-release arrests


Reduction in self-reported criminal behavior


Times less likely to report substance use

Increased optimism and family contact

The PIO Model

Parenting Inside Out (PIO) stands out as a progressive program, incorporating the core elements of the renowned Parent Management Training (PMT) model—a comprehensive approach that emphasizes essential parenting skills like effective communication, problem-solving techniques, positive reinforcement, monitoring, and non-violent discipline.

  • Rigorous evaluation research demonstrating measurable, positive outcomes.
  • Peer-reviewed study affirming the program’s effectiveness.
  • Recognition and inclusion on respected federal agencies and research organizations’ registries and lists of effective programs.

Ralph’s Story

“The patience and commitment displayed by the facilitator, always making sure I felt really welcomed no matter that I was in prison, not knowing or caring about what I or others were in there for. The facilitator just wanted to offer some new insights, tools, and ways of parenting. I was paroled a few years later due entirely to what I was taught with PIO I actually took another parenting class in my community for more of what I had been given by the TPN PIO facilitator.”

Ralph, Parent Participant

Stories of Impact

“Through PIO, we have seen lives change before our eyes. We have had parents tell us that they have learned other ways to discipline their children, that this class is like no other they have ever participated in, that they have reconnected with their children after years of separation because they felt empowered by all of the things they have learned in PIO, and that they learned not only how to be better parents, but to be better people.”

Kelli, Partner

I had no confidence. In PIO I accomplished something each week. Those little accomplishments gave me the confidence to keep going. Then I had the confidence to try something bigger. Now I am willing to try things and I believe I will succeed. I started a cycle of success.

Parent Participant

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