Implementing Parenting Inside Out

Which version of PIO is right for your program?

There are four versions of Parenting Inside Out that vary in length and the number of activities they contain.

The longest version of PIO, developed for prison settings, is 90 hours in length. It consists of 36, 2.5 hour lessons taught over 12 weeks (3 classes/week).

For institutions will less programming time available, there is the 60-hour version of the curriculum. The 60 hour program has been used in prison and in jails with inmates who have longer sentences. It consists of 30, 2 hour lessons that can be taught over 10 weeks (3 classes/week) or 14 weeks (2 classes/week).

The community version consists of 24, 2 hour sessions and is appropriate for parents who have custody of their children or who are seeking visitation.

The jail program is the shortest program, consisting of ten 2 hour classes and one additional optional class on healthy adult relationships. Parents are encouraged to take the longer community program after they release.


With the exception of the jail program, becoming a PIO coach requires attendance at a training session. The training is interactive and is delivered in a webinar format. There is a total of 12 hours of training delivered over three months. Eight hours are delivered prior to a coach starting to teach PIO. Two additional hours are delivered one month later and the final two hours are delivered one month after that. The elongated training process allows us to train coaches on material shortly before they will be delivering it to clients, and it gives coaches the opportunity to talk with the trainer after having delivered part of the curriculum. We find this model best prepares coaches to deliver PIO with high fidelity. We reserve the right to cancel any training session with fewer than four enrolled trainees.

2016-2017 Training Schedule

Session 1.1 & 1.2 Session 2.1 & 2.2 Session 3.1 Session 4.1 Openings
Mar 7 Mar 9 Apr 5 May 3 2
April 4 April 6 May 10 June 7 6